Tuesday, July 19, 2016

An Open Letter To Tony Schwartz

Dear Sir:

I would like to congratulate you for coming forth and telling it like it really is about The Donald. I believe he is one of the factors that is keeping me from becoming a published author. I enjoy "Media: The Second God" and your other books, because you are one of the few published authors who aren't afraid to tell the truth, warts and all, unlike the celebrity so-called authors (The Donald included) and overrated authors who live to serve the New York Times Best Seller List and not Main Street, USA. It's time to break the European- and British-owned publishers' stranglehold on the American book industry, and I would appreciate your support, moral in particular, for a new movement I am starting called WAR, or, Writers Against Rejection. WAR will be comprised of writers who prefer not to write books for THEM, the Publishers of Europe and Britain, but for WE, the People of the United States. To paraphrase our, um, friend, our mission will be two-fold: To Make America Read Again, and to Make American Literature Great Again. Contrary to what they tell you at the 92nd Street Y, writing is not baseball. It's football and we keep getting tackled no matter how often we try to make it to the goal line. One of our projects will be to petition our representatives (and, eventually, Hillary) to pass legislation that would force the PEB to spin off their American subsidiaries, criminalize rejection, (except, for example, the ISIS equivalent of "Mein Kampf," if they're twisted enough to write such a book) treat the murder of iconic heroes such as Captain America and Superman as if they were actual people by imprisoning the responsible editors, and changing the phrase "self-publishing" to "assisted publishing" when it concerns divisions of publishing companies that specialize in publishing books for a fee (and lowering said fees to prices that people can actually afford).

Once again, I congratulate you on your honesty and courage, and I anticipate your response.

As for myself, I have been blogging since 2013, and I currently keep five blogs (Steve's Book Blog, http://www.steveonbooks.blogspot.com) , A Steve's Blog Special Presentation (http://www.stevesspecialblog.blogspot.com)Welcome to Steve Country (http://www.welcometostevecountry.com), and In The Ring With Steve (http://www.intheringwithsteve.blogspot.com) as well as the blog you are currently reading. I believe Blogspot has given me more freedom than any book publisher, I have written about sports, music, pop culture, and current events with, IMHO, more intelligence than a lot of the current books on the market,  I have a few celebrity fans (country singer Brandy Clark and DJ Scott Shannon, for example) and my blogs have been read in more than 20 countries including Iran and Cuba. I am telling this because you have a right to know about the author who anticipates your support in the war on Big Book. To reiterate, I look forward to your response.

Yours truly,
Steven Eisenpreis