Thursday, April 17, 2014


No, there's no Mrs. Chelsea Eisenpreis, and no, I haven't gone COMPLETELY nuts. I was just referring to the classic HANNAH MONTANA episode, "Miley Hurt the Feelings of the Radio Star," wherin a DJ at a Radio Disney-type station(played by actual DJ Ernie D)who hired Miley and her two buds as interns , heard from his wife at the hospital and TRIED to say, "My wife's having a baby," but it got all messed up, and all understandably so.

The Chelsea in question is none other than Chelsea Clinton, daughter of the 42nd President of the United States, a reporter for NBC News, a participant in Bill and Hilary's Clinton Global Initiative, and, if things had turned out differently, my neighbor (but nothing can be done about that, and besides, I love the neighbors I have!), and she and hubby Marc Mezvinsky are the proud parents of a little gender-to-be-named-later. Congratulations to Chels, Marc, Bill and Hil!

Good luck to the New York Rangers as they begin their playoff series against their perennial rivals, the hated Philadelphia Flyers. The Rangers, and their home ice, Madison Square Garden, are truly one of a kind, while the Flyers' animated logo is a blatant steal from the original Marvel Studios logo, only instead of pages flipping showing Marvel Super Heroes, the pages show current and past Flyers. The Rangers I know would NEVER think of doing such a thing, but they wouldn't be above yelling, "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!," because it certainly is. LET'S GO RANGERS! BEAT THE FLYERS!

Congratulations and good luck also to fellow Steve, Stephen Colbert, who will take the wheel of the CBS Late Show next year after Dave Letterman falls off the bandstand. I hear he'll be happy to ditch his faux Conservative persona, and I can name a whole lot of people at FOX NEWS and the two major talk radio stations in NYC who'll be just as happy! (I also know a few liberals who won't miss the old Colbert!)

While we're busy congratulating and wishing people good luck, all the best to Derek Jeter as he begins his final season as a New York Yankee. (When traveling to a Yankee game, don't forget the Kleenex!)

Hope all my Jewish readers have been having a happy Passover and the rest of you have a very EGG-citing Easter!

Good news for some Cartoon Network viewers: Their Adult Swim block now begins at 8 PM Eastern.

Good news for a lot of new Disney Channel viewers: Cartoon's Adult Swim block now begins at 8 PM Eastern.

Who's  the wise guy who stole Spring? In the Northeastern US,we've been loving our sunny weather and temps in the 60's, 70's and 80's, (Sounds like a radio station tagline, doesn't it?) but some idiot has been sending snow and low temps.   There oughta be a law against that!

Until next time,

Bye, Buckaroos!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

2.16 Hosgeldiniz, Turkiye! Hangug e Osin Geos-Eul Hwan-Yeonghabnida! Huanying Guanglin, Taiwan!

Welcome Turkey, South Korea and Taiwan! Great to have you aboard! (I haven't forgotten about you, PROC! Thanks for your continued support, as a certain wine cooler used to say!)

If any of you in our new countries has ever visited the Good Old USA, you're probably aware of David Letterman, a former Cleveland weatherman who went on to become a rising young comedian, a completely different afternoon talk show host, late night TV's comedy bad boy, and, ultimately, an American cultural icon. Three decades and millions of Stupid Pet Tricks and Top Ten Lists later, Dave decided to hang it up when his contract with his current employer, CBS, runs out in 2015. You've earned your chance to go out with a bang, Dave. Now, go out and swing your golf club. Just one request: "STOP BENDING THE SHAFT!" (Google Search it.)

Unfortunately, the only way you Turks are likely to enjoy baseball is if you either fly to North America or certain Oriental countries (such as our new friends in Korea and Taiwan) or visit Italy or Army bases in Germany and other such countries, but over here in the USA, we've been waiting since this past January for the Game's finest to put on their uniforms, pick up their bats, and head onto the field.I wish I could crow about the Yankees' immaculate win record, but the name of this blog isn't "Steve's Fantasy Blog!" The truth is, with much of its powerhouse lineup gone, the Yanks (and Mets) have stumbled out of the gate. (At least they each have new radio stations, WFAN for the Yanks and WOR for the Mets.) If it's any consolation, there ARE 156 games waiting to be played.

What else do I have to say? I have to say...that I have nothing to say! (Except that as soon as I see CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, you will get a full report!)


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2.15 Salaam, Algeria!

Hello, Algeria, and the rest of the world, and welcome to the next one hundred Steve's Blogs. So much to talk about and so little time to do it, so let's get to it, shall we?

March 17 may have been St. Patrick's Day, but in New York City, March 27 was "Patty's Day," as in Patty Steele, a radio news reporter who has worked at WOR 710, Z100, 95.5 PLJ, and WCBS 880, and returned to Scott Shannon's New York radio family as the resident expert on all news hard and soft. Savannah Guthrie, watch out! This lady has more talent in her little finger than you have in your entire body! (MAYBE I'm just being prejudiced.)

As longtime readers of this blog may gather, I am a man of many interests, among them professional wrestling, Lincoln Center, and Torah study. Another one of my interests is a certain Marvin Lee Aday, alias
Meat Loaf, alias Mr. Loaf. The aforesaid Mr. Loaf once observed (with help from a certain Jim Steinman) that "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad." This applies to film maker Darren Aronofsky and his recent motion picture body of work. I ooed and ahhed at "The Wrestler" (which he produced with the cooperation of the Ring of Honor promotion), and I watched "Black Swan" with interest and sprang to my feet applauding and yelling "Bravo!" as the end credits rolled, but when he tackled the Torah, particularly the early chapters of the Book of Genesis pertaining to a certain Mr. NOAH, that's when I lost all interest. Despite a tolerable performance from Russell Crowe as the titular character, this poor attempt at catering to fans of TITANIC, STAR WARS, and THE HOBBIT experiences the same sad fate as those two unicorns (from the classic Irish Rovers song) who were floated away and never seen again. The harebrained plot concerns a group of "robots" called the Watchers, supposedly sent by "the Creator" to make sure Noah builds that ark. (I preferred Danny Kaye in the musical TWO BY TWO and Bill Cosby's monologue from his first album.) This
Noah-count movie is all washed up. KICK IT!

The producer of the New York Comic-Con is about to unleash the first ever Book Con upon an unsuspecting planet. (FYI, the website for tickets and late breaking news is .)
If it involves any of the publishers who've had the poor taste to reject my books, I'll be VERY happy if it's the last! (At least the guest stars for the inaugural Book Con are Amy Poehler from "Parks and Rec", Martin Short from "The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley", and Smiling Stan Lee, all people I admire! I just wonder if they know what they're getting themselves into!)

By the way, I apologize for the lack of April Fool's jokes. Actually, I don't. APRIL FOOL!

Good luck to the Yankees as they pursue their 27th World Championship and the Mets as they try to win 90 games. (And if you believe that, I have this bridge in Flatbush I would like to sell you. CHEAP!)

Until next time, I'd like to paraphrase a certain Mr. Elvis Costello and ask, "What's so April Foolish 'bout peace,love and understanding?"