Thursday, March 20, 2014

2.12 Don't Cry For Me, Argentina!

The truth is, I haven't left you. Well, why the heck should I, since you guys just got here? Anywho, welcome aboard, Argentina, and you too, Venezuela. Rest of the world, if you're into soap operas, or stories, or telenovelas, you guys should kneel before these two countries, because they produce the best soap operas of any country outside the English-speaking world. (GH and Corrie, I still love you too!)

BTW,newbies, I just want to inform you that you missed a recent blog wishing radio legend Scott Shannon all the best on his retirement.

Guess what, ladies and germs? He's BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

Two weeks ago Scott took the helm at legendary oldies station WCBS-FM 101.1, accompanied by old friend and traffic reporter Joe Nolan and weatherman Irv "Mr. G" Gikofsky. His has all the ingredients of a good New York morning show, songs, snappy patter, and solid information. I hear all you longtime readers: "WHAT ABOUT THAT TODD GUY WHO'S DOING HIS OLD SHOW AT 95.5 WPLJ?" Well, Todd Pettengill has been doing a good job with the renamed TODD SHOW, but there are two shows and only one me, soooooo it fell upon me to send my best friend at 'PLJ, the lovely and talented entertainment news queen Cooper Lawrence a Dear Cooper email. (Hey, her name isn't John!) I tried my dangdest to make it sound like I wasn't really dumping her (and Todd, producer Joe "Monk" Pardavilla, sidekick Annie,  social media director Sheila Watkos, and a street reporter nicknamed Meatballs), but she sent me a reply asking if I could check in every once in a while.That may be a BIT difficult, but Cooper is such a nice person, (And she probably used up two boxes of Kleenex on that one reply.)  I HAVE kept the channels of communication open, and I've even went so far not to mention Old Whatsisname in my comunications. BTW, any interested parties may check out either Scott's new  show on or The Todd Show on , and remember, they both air weekday mornings 6-10 Eastern or 11-3 GMT,  so plan  your day accordingly!

As for what Scott's fellow Radio Hall Of Famer Dan Ingram used to call their "one-eyed sister..."

"Hi,  I'm Jimmy, I'll be your comic for the next few years...I HOPE!" With those words, Jimmy Fallon  began his tenure as the steward of NBC's TONIGHT SHOW, a tradition that began in New York with Steve Allen and his troupe of Louie Nye and Don Knotts, continued with the always controversial Jack Parr, moved to Beautiful Downtown Burbank with Johnny Carson, continued with Jay Leno (TWICE!), was almost low-rated to death by Conan O'Brien, (I know, everything he touches is infused with a very different sense of humor, but sometimes "VERY DIFFERENT" doesn't exactly win ratings and influence Nielsen!)and now returns to where it all began. Unlike the other Jimmy, I refer to a certain James Christian Kimmel, he knows when he's being funny and tries his dangdest not to sound mean, succeeding nine times out of ten. Jimmy is at home talking with everybody from First Lady Michelle Obama to fellow former SNL-er Will Ferrell and everyone in between.A  generous tax break got THE TONIGHT SHOW back in New York, and I have a feeling that if Jimmy continues to rake in the ratings, it will stay here for the next few years...MAYBE MORE!

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS, TV-14,. Like Jimmy, Seth rose to national prominence as the co-anchor of SNL's  WEEKEND UPDATE. So far, the people have been receptive to this new show. Any bets he will  make a goof of the magnitude of Jack Paar's famous "Wayside Chapel" monologue?

ABOUT A BOY (NBC,TV-PG Tuesdays starting 8:00 PM Eastern)  Actually, it's about TWO boys, Will (David Walton) who's trying to seduce a single MILF (Leslie Bibb), and Marcus (Benjamin Stockham), the 11-year-old who just moved in next door with his overly vegan mom Fiona (Minnie Driver). Any doubts about whether Nick Hornby's  veddy British novel and the later equally British FILM, as they say over there, will survive as an American TV sitcom (produced sans laugh-track by Robert DiNiro and his producing partner Jane Rosenthal as well as Jon Favreau of Iron Man movie fame) should automatically disappear the moment the last opening credit fades out. ABOUT A BOY is about the best thing that's happened to TV comedy since MODERN FAMILY.

(People who  like American reboots of British classics like this should like one of the originals, THE AVENGERS,  on NBC's  secondary digital channel, COZI TV, available in New York, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Miami,Dallas, and other markets. No, you WON'T get any guys in long underwear, but you WILL get Patrick McNee as gentleman spy John Steed, Diana Rigg as the always a-Peel-ing Emma,and Linda Thorson as his other, comparitively under-rated sidekick (quite capable of kicking more than just sides) Tara King. I heartily recommend a piping hot spot of tea whilst you watch THESE Avengers assemble! British readers should be able to find it on "Best of British" channels from their local satellite providers such as Sky and Virgin.)

GROWING UP FISHER (TV-PG,Tuesdays on NBC following ABOUT A BOY) The Fisher in question is 11-year-old Henry, played as a kid by Eli Baker and as an adult by narrator Jason  Bateman. This dramedy revolves  around what happens when his folks divorce and his blind dad gets a guide dog named Elvis.While not as fall-down funny as AAB, it's still worth a look.

AMERICAN IDOL  (TV-PG, Wednesdays and Thursdays on FOX) Ladies  and gentlemen, THIS is AMERICAN IDOL! Super megastar singer-actress-dancer Jennifer Lopez and Aussie country crooner Keith Urban have returned, joined by Harry Connick Jr. and a brand new crop of Idols-to-be. The live shows have been anything from heartwarming to hilarious, but they are BY NO MEANS BORING!


...but this blog's thoughts and prayers go out to the respective families of fashion designer LaWren Scott and the victims of the terrible crash of Air 4, KOMO 4 News' chopper in Seattle. While they were both very different, they were both very tragic and ended very promising careers. At least they have moved on to a much better place.


     Olympic results, and the road to basketball's Final Four.

Be here! Aloha!

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