Friday, September 23, 2016

She's A Pitch! I'm A-Love-Her!

Longtime readers of this blog may recall that I'm a HUGE fan of Nickelodeon's sports-com BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS starring Brec Bassinger as Bella "Awesome" Dawson, a cheerleader at Silverado Middle School who gets promoted to starting quarterback. Just as BELLA shattered the glass ceiling with a forward pass-full of great entertainment and important life lessons, so has another jockette cracked it with her pandemonius pachydermic percussion PITCH. Say hello to Ginny Baker, the first female pitcher for the San Diego Padres, as personified by rising young star Kylie Bunbury who comes from an athletic family herself and she certainly shows it. (Running it is Dan, his last name Fogelman, who also ran a show called GAL-A-VANT! If you want to hear the COMPLETE theme song, click over to and search "Galavant." BUT I digress.) Mark-Paul Gosselar from SAVED BY THE BELL is her manager, Mike Lawson, Ali Larter from HEROES is her agent, Amelia Slater, Mark "Mr. Kelly Ripa: Consuelos is the team's owner, Oscar Arguello, and many actual Major League Baseball superstars and FOX Sports superstars (Colin Cowherd, Katie Nolan, Joe Buck, John Smoltz, and Clarissa Thompson) serve as the Greek chorus chronicling the action. Unlike BELLA, the show tackles very adult topics such as sexism and child abuse, and look forward for members of the Fifth Estate (the electronic media to you) to ask Ginny for her opinion on major topics in what may be a very timely episode. First PITCH is every Thursday on FOX at 8:59/7:59 central, and it knocks it right out of the park, or, as Ms. Dawson would say, "SHA-BOOYAH!" When you're not taking yourself out to the ballgame, bring yourself to watch this homerun of a show!

Play Ball!

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