Friday, January 3, 2014

2.2 BREAKING NEWS: 'Snow Fair!

Sorry, True Believers, the last two parts of my special New Year Kickoff will have to wait, thanks to the Blizzard of 14, and what a blizzard it is!

Here I was, thinking it was just another tactic the Lamestream Media used to beef up ratings, but you were right, guys! It IS snowing outside my window in Midtown Manhattan, and Bill deBlasio has made possibly his smartest move since he took office on New Year's Day: HE CLOSED ALL  THE HIGHWAYS AND THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS! More on him  in my next (regularly scheduled) blog.

I speak to you a little past 5 am Eastern Time on January 3 and the snow has been coming down in sheets since last night. I would like to advise all my readers in the New York, Philly,Hersheyburg,(Actually, it's Hershey-Harrisburg, but they MAY want to use that.) Boston and DC metro areas as well as Chicagoland and Kentuckiana, not to mention Greater London if you've decided to start reading this blog again, (PLEASE DO!) to STAY AT HOME UNLESS YOU REALLY HAVE TO WORK, DRIVE CAREFULLY IF YOU MUST, AND USE MASS TRANSIT!

On days like this, I like to think back to warmer times like the summer of '92 when I joined the Rangers for a special Celebrity Cruise to the beautiful island of Bermuda. It was great hanging around with guys who make their living on ice and enjoying it in their drinks instead, as well as seeing all the landmarks from the Bank of Bermuda to the statue honoring their very first Miss World to their branch of the famous department store Marks & Spencer's. (I told MSG play-by-play vet Sam Rosen Bermuda should have its  own hockey team so the Rangers and their fans would keep coming back, and he said it would be an interesting place to play hockey. Hey, a little extra revenue couldn't hurt, since last time I heard, VSB-TV 11, the island's NBC affiliate, reported that Bermudians are largely dissatisfied with their quality of life and would rather live here or in Canada. SERIOUSLY?!? Unless, of course, you plan to live in either L.A. or Miami.)

I also remember my first trip to Australia in '06. It struck me as a beautiful country, combining the best of Britain, America, and the Aboriginal cultures. I met Australian Idol Paulini Cournevali who,unfortunately, isn't as well known as Kelly and Carrie are here, but she's still a great singer and a very nice person, and I saw the Sydney Opera House, Olympic Park,Rod Laver Arena (and the Melbourne Open, the first event on the "road" to tennis' most prestigious event, the US Open in Flushing Meadows Park), and the late great Crocodile Hunter's Australia Zoo. All that, plus the thrill of running around in your shorts in the middle of January! Does it get any better than this?

Time to wrap this up and enjoy a nice snow day catching up with my DVR tapes of SportsCenter, but next time, we'll resume our three part New Year's kickoff! Until then, this is your announcer reminding you, stay warm,drive carefully, think warm thoughts, and...

...Bye, Buckaroos!

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