Thursday, February 13, 2014

2.10 It's Time For A Comcastic Change!

Sorry, True Believers, you're still going to have to wait until Monday for that GINORMOUS blog I hinted at, but, since, as faithful readers may recall, I protested Time Warner Cable's CBS blackout this past summer and  urged TWC to look to Comcast, the owner of NBC and the networks and platforms of NBC Universal as an  example on how to serve customers AND  King Content.

Well, I know what people in Washington and Cyberspace are thinking, but, as an American citizen, I would like to use my right to tell the known universe that I am ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT IN FAVOR OF A MERGER OF TIME WARNER CABLE AND COMCAST!

I strongly DOUBT all the allegations that TWC-Comcast customers will have to sacrifice their first born to pay for service. Maybe a SMALL uptick at worst, but I believe one of the reasons  why Comcast is about to make an honest cable company out of Time Warner is its past history of high prices and poor service and the Peacock  is  going to put its foot down and inform Tee-Dubs that if it wants to hang with a company that is the home to some of the best-known  brands  in news (TODAY, MEET THE PRESS) and entertainment (the all-encompassing Universal movie library), it's either their way or the highway. In short, Time Warner may dump ABC,CBS,MSG and LS/MFT (Google Search it!) but when they are under the same corporate umbrella, dumping any NBCU network is going to be difficult, impossible, and JUST...PLAIN...STUPID!

With all due respect to the various pundits and politicians, this is one merger America and its cable consumers need, an example of bigger being better, and a true merger of equals, but if you disagree,well, that's  why the Great Gods of the Internet invented comment boxes!

Before I  slowly sink into the West, I would like to congratulate Bill DeBlasio on keeping the schools  open  on a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day of weather...but that would be wrong. If he keeps this up,there's  a very strong chance he won't be re-elected.

Until this Monday...

Bye, Buckaroos!

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