Saturday, February 1, 2014

2.8 The Fat Lady Sings on Super Bowl Boulevard

All week long, I wanted to spend a few hours on Super Bowl Boulevard (usually Times Square) in Midtown Manhattan, but there was just one thing wrong: I WAS TOO BLAMED BUSY!

Finally, I visited the NFL's tribute to all things football today, but nobody else was there. To quote the great Yogi Berra, "It was too crowded!" After a great deal of consideration, I decided NOT to ride the Super Bowl Tobbagan , the Boulevard's signature attraction. Some people who DID were Mayor Bill de Blasio and family. (Even though I disagree with a lot of his political decisions, we both back the Seattle Seahawks and their star players, Richard Sherman, Russell Westbrook, and Marshawn Lynch, to name but a few.) I didn't actually see the ceremony in person, but Hizzoner was joined by Governor Andrew Cuomo (of NY) and embattled Governor Chris Christie (of NJ, where, as Brian Williams and a lot of the MSM, or Mainstream Media, have been reminding us for a good deal of the week, the game will actually be played tomorrow) as they handed the Super Bowl over to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. (I honestly believe the NFL could do worse for a Super Bowl city than nice, toasty warm Scottsdale, AZ. Although Gov Cuomo and NFL Commissioner Roger Godell pronounced Super Bowl Boulevard a success, I wouldn't rule out saying on a purely meteorogical basis that they already have.) There were so many lines all over the place, I almost felt like praying for Fastpass, which,as you probably may, or may not, know, is Disney's line reservation system. I actually DID spend some time at the New York State Video Wall, where I saw footage of the Empire State's many festivals, outdoor attractions,  and farms.

Unless you spent last week under a rock,you may remember my saying something about the world's greatest everything, Alyssa Milano,and her visit to Modell's in support of her NFL apparel line. I stood on line outside Modell's in 40-degree weather for two hours straight intent on being one of the first hundred people to get a ticket to see her. I made it inside, but if you're looking for an in-depth interview with the lady who has played a good teen, a bad teen, a witch, a mermaid, a super hero,a seductress, Lady Godiva,and a genie, (And most of it has been on CHARMED!) you're going to have to look elsewhere, because Alyssa's handlers made it crystal clear that she could only sign photos of herself modeling a Super Bowl shirt, so I had to make do with serenading  her with Reader's Digest-style lyrical adaptations of two of her hits when she was a pop princess in Japan, "What A Feeling" and "Straight To The Top," but although my versions lasted approximately five minutes total, she was VERY appreciative.  WORTH IT!

I also visited the NFL Shop at Macy*s Herald Square, but I felt kind of naked since I don't have a black belt in karate, which, I believe, was required wear. I DID complete my appointed rounds, which also  included a visit to Macy*s Little Male NFL Shoppers' Room, although the crowds didn't exactly make it a walk in the park, or, in this case, a sprint down the field!

Although I thought it was great being part of the greatest event in sports and meeting new people, if the Super Bowl NEVER comes back to a New York without a domed stadium in Midtown, it will be too soon!

As for the game ITSELF (and the commercials, the halftime show, and OTHER distractions) that will have to wait until the next mind-boggling edition of whatever the heck I'm doing here. Until then, all those of you who are watching, enjoy the game, and...


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