Monday, December 2, 2013

#84 For Many, Christmas Has Been Cancelled

Sunday, December 1,2013. The dawn  of the last month of the year under sunny skies. Winter's Eve, the last major street fair of the year, and the Lincoln Square  Neighborhood Association's celebration of the neighborhood's rich cultural  history,  was  ready to light up the Upper  West Side, the Jets were getting ready  to play (and  lose to) the Miami Dolphins, and Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center were also making lists and checking them twice  to insure their respective tree lightings went off without a hitch. In short, it was just another holiday weekend morning in the World's Greatest City.

Until 7:30 AM.

That was  when an early morning  run on the MTA Metro-North Harlem (commuter) Line took a turn for the deadliest. The train tried to round a curve in the all-too-aptly-named Spuyten Dyvil section of the Bronx and derailed,  taking four and leaving dozens injured.

As  far as we know now,  terrorism is  not an issue, and the  weather was  too mild to have played a part, so either human or mechanical  error is a possibility, but, the fact remains, too many people will not be able to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones. It's  too early and too risky to point fingers now, but all we can do is
watch,  wait, keep putting two and two together to come up with the answer, and, of course,  pray for those who recover, wait for their loved ones to return, and mourn their losses.

Oooooookay, on a happier note,  congratulations to the Giants who scalped the Redskins  (BTW,keep the name, guys, and don't succumb to political correctness!) and still have a shot at the playoffs.

Until the next pandemonious post, this is your pronouncer reminding you,shop responsibly, drive carefully, you have two more days of Hannukah so hurry up, AND...

...Bye, Buckaroos!
(And  say a prayer for the families of the derailment victims, OK?)

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