Friday, November 29, 2013


Welcome back, SteveNation! I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and those of you  who celebrate (like  Yours Truly) have had a happy  first two days of Hannukah. Boy, two holidays overlapping, does it get any better than this? Actually, it does, since Canada and Germany are back in  the audience. During the break, I noticed that the Ukraine came back, and I WAS going to say something about their Prime Minister and the EU, but I was advised against it. Chile also briefly joined the family during the break, but if I gave them the old "Chile today and hot tamale" joke, I'd probably get one of those presents Jokey Smurf used to give his friends, but this time it WOULDN'T be very funny! While our hard-working morning DJ's  on this side of the border are taking a well-deserved long weekend off to be with friends and family, I would like to send a shout out to those radio guys and gals in the Great White North who are entertaining us today (November 29,2013,  to be exact) on our desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, particularly Roger, Darren and Marilyn on 104.5 CHUM FM (Today's Best Music!) in Toronto. Happy Holidays, eh? (You live in a great city. I just wish you guys had a better mayor!) BTW, if you have the iHeart Radio app, you can get CHUM FM, but if  you don't, you can log on directly via .

Today is Black Friday in the USA (and CA), traditionally the busiest shopping day before Christmas, but if you've been faithfully reading this blog, you'll know that many stores decided to start late yesterday, and if you remember, you know that I objected very unreservedly to the move. When I got up, my worst fears were realized, there was a shooting outside a Kohl's in the Chicagoland area, there was a melee at a Brands Mart in Florida, and although Walmart believes in living better, there was a customer at a Jersey store who sure didn't BEHAVE better. COME ON GUYS! 'Tis the season to be jolly, remember? The Pizza Hut and Sears managers in New England who believed opening on Thanksgiving was a bad thing are to be commended for putting tradition and family above shopping madness. I have nothing against supporting your local economy, but I have EVERYTHING against acting like George "The Animal" Steele (a WWE Superstar from the 80's) just to get that special something for that special someone. Shopping is supposed to be fun, not something out of "Game Of Thrones," (Anybody see the special Black Friday episode  of SOUTH PARK? It was one of those things that are funny, but all too accurate.) You can have a ball, but remember to respect the security guard, the manager, and your fellow customers. Let's be careful out there, OK?

One fun thing you can get on line that won't cost you a dime is "Steve's  Postgame Report," a recap of the year that was. You can find it nestled right in the middle of the June blogs.  (I originally wrote it when the year was half over, but you don't need me to tell you that a LOT of water has gone under the bridge since then!) Readers of "The City-Dwellers Gazzete"  will be happy to know that a condensed and adapted version of said Postgame Report will be headed their way, so check your mails, people! (Bee-Tee Dubs, astute readers will also know that I spent a week in Philly. I did NOT say a word about it, but so help me Hannah, and I don't mean Miley, you'll get a detailed description in SB84. Until then, love thy neighbor (even if he or she runneth over thy foot with a shopping cart!), remember our boys and girls overseas, AND...

Bye Buckaroos!

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