Thursday, April 17, 2014


No, there's no Mrs. Chelsea Eisenpreis, and no, I haven't gone COMPLETELY nuts. I was just referring to the classic HANNAH MONTANA episode, "Miley Hurt the Feelings of the Radio Star," wherin a DJ at a Radio Disney-type station(played by actual DJ Ernie D)who hired Miley and her two buds as interns , heard from his wife at the hospital and TRIED to say, "My wife's having a baby," but it got all messed up, and all understandably so.

The Chelsea in question is none other than Chelsea Clinton, daughter of the 42nd President of the United States, a reporter for NBC News, a participant in Bill and Hilary's Clinton Global Initiative, and, if things had turned out differently, my neighbor (but nothing can be done about that, and besides, I love the neighbors I have!), and she and hubby Marc Mezvinsky are the proud parents of a little gender-to-be-named-later. Congratulations to Chels, Marc, Bill and Hil!

Good luck to the New York Rangers as they begin their playoff series against their perennial rivals, the hated Philadelphia Flyers. The Rangers, and their home ice, Madison Square Garden, are truly one of a kind, while the Flyers' animated logo is a blatant steal from the original Marvel Studios logo, only instead of pages flipping showing Marvel Super Heroes, the pages show current and past Flyers. The Rangers I know would NEVER think of doing such a thing, but they wouldn't be above yelling, "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!," because it certainly is. LET'S GO RANGERS! BEAT THE FLYERS!

Congratulations and good luck also to fellow Steve, Stephen Colbert, who will take the wheel of the CBS Late Show next year after Dave Letterman falls off the bandstand. I hear he'll be happy to ditch his faux Conservative persona, and I can name a whole lot of people at FOX NEWS and the two major talk radio stations in NYC who'll be just as happy! (I also know a few liberals who won't miss the old Colbert!)

While we're busy congratulating and wishing people good luck, all the best to Derek Jeter as he begins his final season as a New York Yankee. (When traveling to a Yankee game, don't forget the Kleenex!)

Hope all my Jewish readers have been having a happy Passover and the rest of you have a very EGG-citing Easter!

Good news for some Cartoon Network viewers: Their Adult Swim block now begins at 8 PM Eastern.

Good news for a lot of new Disney Channel viewers: Cartoon's Adult Swim block now begins at 8 PM Eastern.

Who's  the wise guy who stole Spring? In the Northeastern US,we've been loving our sunny weather and temps in the 60's, 70's and 80's, (Sounds like a radio station tagline, doesn't it?) but some idiot has been sending snow and low temps.   There oughta be a law against that!

Until next time,

Bye, Buckaroos!

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