Saturday, April 5, 2014

2.16 Hosgeldiniz, Turkiye! Hangug e Osin Geos-Eul Hwan-Yeonghabnida! Huanying Guanglin, Taiwan!

Welcome Turkey, South Korea and Taiwan! Great to have you aboard! (I haven't forgotten about you, PROC! Thanks for your continued support, as a certain wine cooler used to say!)

If any of you in our new countries has ever visited the Good Old USA, you're probably aware of David Letterman, a former Cleveland weatherman who went on to become a rising young comedian, a completely different afternoon talk show host, late night TV's comedy bad boy, and, ultimately, an American cultural icon. Three decades and millions of Stupid Pet Tricks and Top Ten Lists later, Dave decided to hang it up when his contract with his current employer, CBS, runs out in 2015. You've earned your chance to go out with a bang, Dave. Now, go out and swing your golf club. Just one request: "STOP BENDING THE SHAFT!" (Google Search it.)

Unfortunately, the only way you Turks are likely to enjoy baseball is if you either fly to North America or certain Oriental countries (such as our new friends in Korea and Taiwan) or visit Italy or Army bases in Germany and other such countries, but over here in the USA, we've been waiting since this past January for the Game's finest to put on their uniforms, pick up their bats, and head onto the field.I wish I could crow about the Yankees' immaculate win record, but the name of this blog isn't "Steve's Fantasy Blog!" The truth is, with much of its powerhouse lineup gone, the Yanks (and Mets) have stumbled out of the gate. (At least they each have new radio stations, WFAN for the Yanks and WOR for the Mets.) If it's any consolation, there ARE 156 games waiting to be played.

What else do I have to say? I have to say...that I have nothing to say! (Except that as soon as I see CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, you will get a full report!)


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