Thursday, January 1, 2015

3.1 The Resolution Will Not Be Televised...It Will Be Online


Welcome to the VERY FIRST Steve's Blog of 2015. I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to Casey Kasem in the Nice List (Last blog.) and thank you to all the people who told me you did, but there were also people who wanted a Reader's Digest version of the blog. Well, never let it be said that I don't aim to please. I turned the whole blog into a poem and sent it to the house that DeWitt and Lila (A) Wallace built (Reader's Digest, as if you didn't know) as part of their poetry contest. If they pick it, not only will I be five-hundred dollars richer, (Miami, here I come!) but all of you lucky people will be able to read it in the June issue of the mighty RD, available at better newsstands coast to coast. (It's also available at a few newsstands of questionable reputation, but we won't let that worry us.)

As I hinted last time, Steve's Book is about to be written and (I HOPE!) published. I resolve to you good people gathered here today that I will pitch this tome once completed to every publisher from Anaheim to Zanzibar, but I will NOT abandon the unique style that has endeared this Blog to millions (Sam Millions, my next-door neighbor.) and I WILL continue to tell it like it is and provide you with a book that will entertain and amuse you, and probably educate you if you're not careful.

Speaking of telling it like it is, I'm happy that Taylor Swift has been appointed New York City's Global Welcome Ambassador and I'm happy for her as a person, but since there are musicians who are more New York-centric such as Billy Joel, Jay-Z and Carole King and entertainers who capture the pulse of  the city better such as Jerry Seinfeld, and since Philly-born-Nashville-raised Tay-Tay became an ambassador solely on the strength of a song called "Welcome to New York" which sounds nothing like "New York State of Mind," "Empire State of Mind," or "New York, New York,", I question the City's rationale, and Ms. Swift's ambassadorial credentials. Furthermore, if Swiftie were a REAL New Yorker, she wouldn't have pranced in the middle of Times Square in such a revealing outfit during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2014 last night. She would know that New York is not exactly the place to wear skimpy outfits in the dead of Winter. As I said, I'm just telling it like I (think it) is.

And so, we close the door on the first of many Steve's Blogs in 2015. We hope you join us on our relentless pursuit of journalistic adequacy. (Hey, I'm nothing if not modest!)

Until the VERY SECOND Steve's Blog of 2015...


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