Tuesday, March 3, 2015


There. I've said it. I know, I've also said I keep it clean around here, but some times, there are some things that should be said, and this is one of those times and one of those things.

I'm sure I speak for my fellow citizens of the Northeastern United States when I say that I'm tired of the Winter of 2015 and I can't wait for Spring. As a matter of fact, I would like to share some of my plans for the aforesaid Spring and Summer (and some parts of Fall).


This August 6th, my best friend and toughest critic (who happens to be Dear Old Mom) Bettijane L. Eisenpreis hits the Big Eight-Oh, and to celebrate, I will accompany her to Washington State and Vancouver (Canada), where the highlight is Stanley Park, named for the same Lord Stanley who started the practice of awarding a cup to the best professional team in hockey. (I always thought his name WAS Stanley Cup! But that was when I was a COMPLETE hockey newbie!)

Before that is my annual Independence Day vaycay, which has been rescheduled to a four-day long weekend (7-3 to 7-6) so as not to take anything away from our trip in the Pacific Northwest. This year I will be celebrating our country's birthday in one of the cities that made it possible, Boston,MA.
If you've known me a long time, you know I love New York and its teams, many of whom have a hate-hate relationship with the Boston teams, and you may be asking, "Steve, why are you going to the home of the Red Sox, who didn't catch that final out in the 1986 World Series, and the New England Patriots, who will stop at nothing to win?" First of all, that trait worked to their advantage and won them Super Bowl XLIX just as I hoped it would, and second of all,Beantown suffered probably one of its greatest tragedies when it was snowed in this year and I just thought I'd come over and provide a little moral support. After all, this is the first city where Babe Ruth played, the home of Cheers, (NORM!),the home of Gillette Blue Blades, the home of Julia Child, and the home of the musical Zip Code. (Remember the PBS show ZOOM? "Box Three-Five-Oh, Boston, Mass, OH-TWO-ONE-THREE-FOUR!"Oh,to be young again!) And, OF COURSE, there's the Freedom Road where Boston, and American, history come alive. I will be leaving Amtrak's Penn Station on the Third and arriving at South Station before pitching my tent at the beautiful Ames Boston Hotel on Court Street. (I KNOW what you're thinking. Rest assured that I AM saving for the Sixth, which is when I'll pay for my room.) Boston has been through a Depression, two World Wars, an American Revolution, a Marathon tragedy, and a killer blizzard. Such a city could not go unvisited! (And besides, this year marks the fifth anniversary of my trip to nearby Salem, home of the Witch Trials.
When I went there, I was CHARMED by the bewitching history. How can you NOT be under Salem's spell when you visit?)

When the temps cool down a bit, Mom and I will fly off to beautiful San Antonio, and OF COURSE, we will remember the Alamo! (And NOT just the car rental company!)


One of the things about Spring I'm looking forward to the most is BASEBALL! Gen Y may be more partial to soccer, but for me, nothing can match the crack of a bat hitting a ball right down Broadway.No matter how much the "geniuses" responsible for the rules try to change the game, it still has a magic all its own. This year, it's going to be strange seeing my beloved Yankees without Derek Jeter, but at least Alex Rodriguez is back, and I'm sure he's serious about turning over a new leaf. Also planning to turn over a new leaf are the they-hope-soon-to-be-amazin'-again Mets. It should be interesting to see how the minor improvements to Citi Field and the major improvements to the Metsies' starting lineup will affect their quest for their first World Series trophy in twenty-nine years!

Not only do I plan on checking out the Yanks and the Mets, but I also intend to take my annual daycation to Long Island for the Belmont Stakes. Perhaps THIS year a Triple Crown Champion will rise? One can only hope! (Of course, I will see the Sawx in a July 4th matinee against the Houston Astros!)


It may not be until May 19th, which just so happens to be  my birthday, but ALREADY I'm excited about seeing Bartlett Sher's new production of THE KING AND I at Lincoln Center! Before that, I'm going to Radio City Music Hall to see THE NEW YORK SPRING SPECTACULAR, starring the Rockettes, DANCING WITH THE STARS' Derek Hough, and Laura Benanti, who may be remembered as the Bunny Mother on the short-lived TV series THE PLAYBOY CLUB. (The NY Spectacular follows in the footsteps of the Music Hall's late great Easter Show. Is it a coinkydink that an Ex-Bunny is one of the headliners of the new show? I DON'T THINK SO!)

I also plan on visiting the Big Apple Comic Con this March 7 at Penn Plaza Pavillion (in the Hotel Pennnsylvania across the street from MSG) and Book Con on May 31st at the Jacob K. Javits Center on 11th Avenue. Perhaps I will find a publisher for my upcoming masterpiece, STEVE's BOOK! (No,it's not going to be a Best-Of-STEVE's BLOG. You can find the best of the blog ON the blog.It's going to be an all-new collection of random observations, which has nothing to do with Random House.)


A final "Ahead Warp Speed!" to Leonard "Mr. Spock" Nimoy as he takes a final voyage to the roost of the Great Bird of the Galaxy. May the memories Live Long And Prosper.

One highlight of the aforementioned Super Bowl was the Toyota commercial when a proud Dad saw his daughter off as she began her tour of duty as a soldier. This past Saturday, this ad was spoofed in an SNL sketch when a nervous, but proud Dad, dropped his daughter, played by 50 Shades star Dakota Johnson, off at the airport, but this time she was welcomed by ISIS terrorists. (The tagline was ISIS:We'll take it from here,Dad!) I think the haters are missing the point. This was not intended to make light of ISIS or recruit for ISIS. This was intended to illustrate the stupidity of ISIS if they think they can provide the love and support disaffected youth need the way their parents or adult caregivers can. Grow a sense of humor, people!

That's it for now from the Frozen North...east, but I will keep you posted of all the warm weather events I have just previewed as soon as they occur, but until then, this is your announcer saying, Stay warm, drive carefully, and...

Bye, Buckaroos!

Steve out!

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