Tuesday, November 10, 2015

150 The Old Order Changeth...

WOW! Is it our sesquicentennial already? I would like to thank you all for your support for these past two years, and the warm reception for our brand new country blog Welcome To Steve Country, (http://www.welcometostevecountry.com  over most of this same internet) but I've also heard complaints that I've been throwing too many blogs your way.

News flash: I HEAR YOU!

In answer to popular demand: the new schedule for the Steve's Blog family.

STEVE'S BLOG will come your way twice during the work week and once during the weekend.

You'll get a warm WELCOME TO STEVE COUNTRY once during the work week and once during the weekend.

The following blogs will appear occasionally, and don't worry, I don't mean "occasionally every day!"


Hope this new schedule is to your liking, and I hope you stay with us, 'cause we've got goodies comin' out the yin-yang! Over in STEVE COUNTRY we'll countdown the Top 10 Holiday Hits during the Thanksgiving weekend and at year's end, we'll hand out the First Annual Stevie Awards for Awesomeness in Country Music! (No, we're not going to order 100 statuettes, we're going to send links to the site to the Twitter handles of our winning stars. It's kinda like the Marvel Comics No-Prize, only better!) And wait till you see who gets our Lifetime Achievement Award! Don't worry, STEVE'S BLOG fans, we'll still count down the Top 10 Naughties and Nice Guys and Girls of the Year in December! As for STEVE'S BOOK BLOG. we got a review of Stan Lee's AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE coming up, and we know you'll find it all of the above!

(By the way, when news breaks out, we'll break in, so consider yourself warned and informed.)

We thank you for your support, and although Shakespeare once said, "We'll strive to please you every day," hope you don't mind if we please you ALMOST every day!

Steve out!

P.S.: On November 18, STEVE COUNTRY will review Radio Disney Country and tell you if it's the best station for your little Mouseketeers and Princesses!

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