Tuesday, October 8, 2013

#70 Marry,Date or Dump?

First of all, dobry dzien, Bielarus,  (Welcome,Belarus!) and plyrit, Ukrania! (Welcome, Ukraine!) I know you have your choice of blogs, I just thank you for choosing this fine blog.

Now,  I would  like to try something different. I now  submit for your approval the names of three new sitcoms:




And now, imagine those  sitcoms were beautiful girls.Which one would I  keep around for the long haul, which one  would I like to  hang out with before I committed, and which  one  would I just plain steer clear from?

I would  marry THE GOLDBERGS, which  is NOT an update of the Gertrude Berg classic,  but is,  rather, a  semi-autobiographical comedy created and produced by one Adam Goldberg  and set in the 80's. Jeff Garlin, Wendy McLendon Covey, and George Segal turn in hilarious performances as  Adam's dad, mom, and  granddad, respectively, and, with few exceptions, the hairstyles, wardrobe, and pop culture references have been meticulously researched. If you love the 80's, and sitcom families that reflect yours despite the period references, you'll love THE GOLDBERGS. Wubba wubba wubba!  (It's an 80's thing, you wouldn't understand.)

I would  date BACK IN THE GAME, starring Maggie Lawson as Terry Gannon,Jr. (Explanation coming up!), an ex-Little Leaguer who dropped  out of college, drifted from used  car dealership to used car dealership, and lives  with her dad, Terry The Cannon Gannon , a minor leaguer who  never made it to "The Show" and  who insists on referring to himself in the third person (Oh, by the way, he's played by James Caan.). This show  would like to think of itself as the millenial version of "The Bad News Bears," and, for the most part, it combines equal parts fun, heart, and baseball, but there are some portions that are clearly unsuitable for children  (and some adults).I would recommend staying with this show  and seeing whether it can smooth out all  its rough spots and become the advertisment for persistence and enjoying what you do  while you're doing it "Bears" was. This  GAME could win America over  if the producers play their cards right.

I  would dump TROPHY WIFE,  starring Malin Ackerman  in the title role, because the concept of three wives in the same family is a one-trick  pony they keep riding until it's ready for the glue factory. The Brady Bunch this ain't.

Bye Buckaroos!

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