Sunday, October 20, 2013

#72 Welcome Back, Britain!

Apparently, the Special Relationship between the USA and the UK hasn't been TOTALLY blown to bits by the soap opera in Washington,  because Britain is back on board as a Steve's  Blog country! (As is Russia, and that's all I'm  gonna say about THAT.) I  don't usually plug other blogs, but if you're into comics and want a different perspective on the characters we unleashed on a grateful planet, check  out Crafty Colin Swift's comments and critiques  on "Too Busy Thinking About My Comics." (Yep! This guy also loves Motown! Nuff said!) You can find it for absolutely gratis on , and trust me, you'll be glad you did!

Speaking of things British, remember when I mentioned that Billy Shakes dude? Well, he wrote the libretto for a great British  opera entitled A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, composed by legendary composer Benjamin Britten, which Yours Truly enjoyed yesterday at Lincoln Center's  (I know,  I  should respect the English language and write "Lincoln Centre,"but that's  just how they roll!) legendary Metropolitan Opera House,  and if you're still one of those who are afraid of opera, this story of love, mistaken identity,elfin magic and spritely mischief should change your mind! Conduct a search on Google or wait until a live performance pulls into your town!

One product of the aforementioned Special Relationship is  alliances between certain Major League Baseball teams and certain Barclays Premier League clubs. One example is the union between Liverpool FC and the Boston  Red Sox. It's a little too early to think about the FA Cup,  but the Sox have shown the Tigers, Rays, and Yankees (Sob!) that they are the best team in the American League, and on Wednesday, they welcome the St. Louis Cardinals as the 2013 World Series begins. If you're over in the UK, head over to for information on where to watch,or, if you're Stateside, you can watch on your local FOX station or listen on your local ESPN Radio station or on  WEEI 93.7 FM Boston or Newsradio 1120 (AM)  KMOX St.Louis. LET'S GO SOX!

Before I make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here,I would like to ask each and every one of you to say a prayer for legendary disc jockey Casey Kasem. According to, he  has  only a few months to live. From his  weekly radio show AMERICAN TOP 40 to his cartoon  voice work,(He played everybody from  Robin the Boy Wonder to Scooby-Doo's bud Shaggy.) Casey has  been a part of our lives,  and unless  a miracle happens, his great American  success story is about to end. He will be missed.

Hmm. Not much I can say, except...

Bye, Buckaroos!

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