Thursday, October 17, 2013

#71 Now, Where Were We?

Welcome, SteveNation! (For a while,that included Belarus, the Ukraine,  and Russia, but  now, it's just the USA   and Germany. I would like to go on record as saying that I,STEVEN LONG EISENPREIS,  HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RECENT GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN,so  don't go abandoning this blog, all you aforementioned other countries, Okay?

Speaking of which, IT FINALLY CAME TO A WELL-NEEDED HALT! Our soldiers and  sailors can  continue receiving their paychecks, Big Bird remains  gainfully employed, and I  CAN  VISIT INDEPENDENCE HALL WHEN I GO TO PHILLY NEXT MONTH! HUZZAH!

At this point, I would like to apologize, because I've been  so distracted by the shutdown, the baseball playoffs, and the New York Comic Con, that I haven't been able to get this fine blog onto your screens. As for all those who claim that this whole shutdown  thing has made this great country seem like a group of bumbling idiots, THIS  IS  A MERE BUMP IN THE ROAD! We've been through worse and there may be some rocky times ahead, but WE WILL SURVIVE! You can't spell American without "I CAN!" All you Debbie Downers, stop complaining! We WILL emerge from this fiasco smelling like a rose, and when 2014 rears its ugly head, we will shut THAT shutdown down too! As Charles M. Schulz so brilliantly observed, "Life is like an ice cream cone. You have to learn to lick it!" Lick it we have, and LICK IT AGAIN WE WILL!

I would also like to apologize to my closest friend and toughest critic,  who happens to be Dear Old Mom, Bettijane L. Eisenpreis, and all those within the sound of my voice, for jumping the gun two days ago and saying the shutdown was already shut down back then. I misinterpeted a report from another close, warm, personal friend of mine who happens to be WPLJ New York's answer to Katie Couric  because she can transition from hard news to celebrity gossip without any difficulty whatsoever, the lovely and talented Cooper Lawrence (who just changed her Twitter handle to Spooky Lawrence apropos of the upcoming All-Hallows-Eve celebrations). I thought Coop said we HAD shut it down, but when it turnout we HADN'T, I spent most of the day wiping all the egg (and the accompanying chicken) off my embarrased mug. Apologies also to Cooper for not paying stricter attention to that one report, and, in advance, for missing her upcoming appearance at the Lincoln Center Best Buy at 1 PM this Saturday, because, I  already plan to be in that neighborhood at that particular time when the Metropolitan Opera presents their version of "A Midsummer's  Night's Dream" by my boy Billy Shakes. Lovin' ya, Coop, but there's only one me to go around! Sorry!

As for the previously alluded-to Comic Con, while they keep getting good speakers and great previews, some of the cosplayers (or costume players) are getting a little TOO crazy for my taste. Don't they have LIVES?!? (Anywho, you can look forward to Marvel's THOR: THE DARK WORLD and AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON coming to a theatre near you this Thanksgiving and in the New Year, respectively, and
sweeping changes across the DC Universe, especially with the Green Lantern Corps starting with a storyline with the title LIGHTS OUT! I had fun with Rafael Sbarge, a/k/a Jiminy Cricket and Dr. Archie Hopper from ONCE UPON A TIME and former WWE Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana, and saw an entertaining symposium on TV, role models, and the paranormal, among other things, featuring X-FILES stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.)

The Detroit Tigers put up quite a fight yesterday, but I'm confident my (temporarily) beloved Boston Red Sox can hold on and win the American League Championship and, ultimately, the World Series. LET'S GO SAWX!

Will the real Miley Cyrus please SHUT UP?!? And while you're at it, Miles, could you PLEASE cover up all that skin? The next time I hear that new song, "Wrecking Ball, "  so help me,I'm going to BARF! She was at her best during her Hannah Montana days, and nothing anybody, least of all Miley herself, says or does,  is going to change it!

I don't mind Google using our personal reviews for ads. My friend Scott Shannon has aired listener testimonials for advertisers such as NutriSystem for years and nobody complained! As  for all you bellyachers, your privacy is still your privacy, Google just wants to share your opinions with the world, so put a sock in it, OK?

Time to bring this blog to a close, but I'll be back, HOPEFULLY ON TIME, with another mind-boggling Steve's Blog.

Thanks for reading and Bye,Buckaroos!

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