Sunday, October 6, 2013

#68 A Tribute to Boston

First of all, Wilkommen , Deutschland, nice to see you back on board, and what in the Sam Heck were all the other countries THINKING?!?

Secondly, I know  what you must be thinking, laughing at those jerks on Capitol Hill and their inability to govern, but AT LEAST we gave you jazz, David Hasselhoff, and CNN, and those brave men and women on our military bases who make sure you (and we) are safe, and who listen to baseball on Armed Forces  Radio.

That leads me to my pick  for the American League Championship. As all my US readers know, I'm a proud New York Yankees fan, but despite more than a hundred years of history,twenty-seven world championships, names of players who have achieved baseball godhood, a beautiful new  ballpark and a ballfield where tomorrow's Yankees hone their craft, this season has done little to justify my loyalty.  Pitchers Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettite have hung up their gloves, Alex Rodriguez has gone from hero to zero in nothing flat, and the ailing Derek Jeter is the only link to past glories. As everybody knows, this past year has been a trying time for our friends in the beautiful City of Boston as they recover from the tragic events of the Boston Marathon. When accounts of the family tragedies spread and spread quickly, I recalled what happened here in the Big Apple on what started as a beautiful late summer morning and became another day that will live in infamy, and applauded the resillience of the Beantowners. Although, as a Yankee fan, I have an undying hatred for the Red Sox, (Bucky Dent's  Boston Massacre of 1977 and Bill Buckner's missed catch of the 1987 World Series, anyone?) my respect for the players as tough Americans who play through tragedy was awakened.

Since the Yanks have been eliminated from the playoffs, (Grumble, grumble.) I would like to tell you what I think of the Red Sox NOW: I  predict the Sox, currently 2-0 in their series with the Oakland Athletics, will
sweep the A's and Detroit, and will go on to the World Series to eliminate the Atlanta Braves in four games straight.

The Sawx have it all, great fans, great pitching, great running, great managing, a beautiful field.EVEN a great fifth-inning sing-along ("Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond). All they're missing is the League and World Championships, but THAT can be taken care of!)

Bye Buckaroos!
P.S.: I originally planned to review iHeart Radio's "Nick Radio" internet service, the dramas LUCKY 7 and BETRAYAL and the comedies BACK IN THE GAME, THE GOLDBERGS and TROPHY WIFE and the new toon from the talented Craig McCracken, ("The Powerpuff Girls," and "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends") WANDER OVER YONDER, but those, O Best Beloved,  are stories for another blog, or series of blogs.

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