Monday, November 4, 2013

#76 Sveiki atvke, Lietuva!

Welcome, Lithuania! I know you could have chosen any blog out there, I just thank you for choosing this one! I would also like to welcome our friends in Canada (You too,Quebec!) back to Steve's  Blog.(I'd  especially like to send a shout-out to the fine folks at Teletoon, Canada's sister network to Cartoon Network.You guys turn out a lot of great animated shows for people of all ages, but my two special faves are TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND (and its many spinoffs) which center around an egotistical reality show  host named Chris Maclean and the publicity-starved guinea pigs who jump through his hoops in the name of the almighty dollar, or, in this case, Loonie, and FUGEDDABOUDIT, which chronicles the adventures of a New York mobster who joins Witness Protection and moves to Canada. Keep up the great work, guys!) How was your Halloween? I haven't handed out candy to any pint-sized witches and warlocks for a long time, and although the world famous Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is marching again, I decided to sit it out this year, (It was on a weeknight this year.) so, for Halloween, I stayed at home and watched the New York Rangers scare the Buffalo Bills almost goal-less while taping "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," which  is one of those shows that never grows old.Congrats to Geoffrey Mutai,Priscah Jeptoo,and everybody else who braved the cold to race in yesterday's ING New York City Marathon, or, to make a long story short, Sandy who?

This coming Tuesday is Election Day in the USA, (I'm a poet,and I'm sure you know it!) and a new Mayor will be elected in New York and Boston. Other than "May the best person win!," this blog is going to refrain from endorsing  a candidate. All  I can say is, "Vote early, but not TOO often, if you smell what I'm cookin'!

Two shows that redefined the public perception of witches were SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH,  based on a character created for the satirical comic ARCHIE'S MAD HOUSE by George Gladir and Dan DeCarlo who took on a life on her own with her own book, two animated series, and a now-classic live action show starring Melissa Joan Hart in the title role, and CHARMED, starring Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs as three sister witches. One thing they have in common, other than, of course, protagonists,is that they either are, or will be, rebooted. As I have had the pleasure to meet Alyssa in person, I'm going to have to take her side and oppose a CHARMED reboot, but I would like to say that I enjoy, for the most part,Brina's reboot on the Hasbro/Discovery Communications-owned Hub Network,
SABRINA: SECRETS OF A TEENAGE WITCH, produced by Archie Comics and the French animation company MoonScoop and starring the voice of Ashley Tisdale (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, PHINEAS AND FERB) as a CGI (computer-generated images) version of Sabrina Spellman,the daughter of a witch and a mortal adopted by her aunts Hilda and Zelda and living with her pet cat Salem who is actually a warlock forced to live as a cat. This new series divides the action between Brina's adventures on Witch World and her adventures on "Nitch World." (short for "Non-Witch."), and although it doesn't match up to the TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Funny) live-action classic, it stands on its own magical merits.CLICK IT!

I  wish I could say the same thing about the movie ENDER'S GAME, adapted from the sci-fi blockbuster by Orson Scott Card. Harrison Ford turns in a woefully weak  performance as the  commanding officer of a school of teens pledged to save their planet in this tired rehash  of every good sci-fi movie released since 2001: A  SPACE  ODDYSEY. This movie has managed  to be  the Number One movie at the weekend box  office, which only goes to show there's   no accounting for taste. KICK IT!

Finally, I would like to say goodbye to Lou Reed, one of the pioneers of the New York music scene,  who began a walk on  the serene side last week  after falling victim to liver complications. He  never fell out of style, and he always spoke  it mind,  whether on the internet or through his  song lyrics.  He will be missed.

For now,friends,the blog is over, go in peace!

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