Sunday, November 10, 2013

#78 Letter Have It! Special Post-Election Edition

First things first, welcome back,China, and, apparently, France has been reading this blogue manifique. Next time, would you please hang around just a LITTLE longer so I can give you a proper acknowledgement?(However, Lithuania has left the building. Oooookay. Just don't be a stranger, all right?)

Now, on to SB77. I  said a few things about New York City Mayor-Elect Bill DeBlasio, and, in an effort to keep this blog fair and balanced, I asked SteveNation for feedback. Fortunately, I got some from my Dear Old Mom, Bettijane L. Eisenpreis, but,UNfortunately, she opened up a can of whoopin', make that a SIX-PACK of whoopin' on poor little old me. Since I  said that letters may be edited for space and clarity, I have done just that, and I will address certain salient points.

Yes, crime is down under Bloomberg. It is also down everywhere else in the country, except Detroit.
I just worry we could be another Detroit under DeBlasio.

about the SummerStreets promotions which open the streets to foot and bicycle traffic in August but limit automotive traffic.
it's just a little bump in the road. (Pun somewhat intended.)

about the banks, drug stores, and fast food places on every corner in Manhattan.
A) Everybody needs to be close to their money in case of emergency!
B) Accidents do happen!
C) A guy's/girl's gotta eat!

I still love you anyway!
Awwwww! You're makin' me blush, but the feeling IS mutual!

To borrow a feature from Wall Street Journal blogger James Taranto:


If your blog is read in a lot of countries, why do you call your fanbase a Nation and not a universe?

Because that title has been taken, by a new Cartoon Network series in the slightly askew tradition of ADVENTURE TIME, REGULAR SHOW, and SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST. Created by former ADVENTURE TIME writer and storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar (and the first show in the 21-year history of Cartoon Network to be created by a woman) STEVEN UNIVERSE airs Mondays at 7 PM and chronicles a boy who inherited a power gem from his mother, Rose Quartz, a member of the super shero group the Crystal Gems. Not only does he deal with the great responsibilities that come with great power,but he attempts to prove to the world that he's  not just a kid, but a true hero.  (This character was inspired by Rebecca's real-life brother Steven, an artist for AT creator Pendleton Ward's webseries BRAVEST WARRIORS.) If you like action, adventure, music (British singer Estelle is a voice actor.), modern animation in the classic style and a show with a lead character with a great first name, CLICK IT! (FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm a LITTLE prejudiced!)

Finally,the people of the Philippines need your help as they recover from Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. Please support your local Red Cross or use your major credit card at, or send your check in US Dollars or Philippine pesos to:
Philippine Red Cross
Bonifacio Drive
Port Area
P.O. Box 280
Manila 1018
and make checks payable to Philippine Red Cross.

Bye Buckaroos!

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