Friday, July 19, 2013


In my last blog I reviewed Disney's new Mickey Mouse shorts, but it turns out I didn't review ALL  of them. The one that slipped through the cracks was "YODELBERG," a very cute and, of course, very funny flick set in Switzerland wherin our hero, a certain Micky Maus,  must surmount every obstacle that otherwise beautiful country throws at him to get to his beloved Minnie. This particular film was obviously inspired by the chase scenes in 1928's "Plane Crazy" and the beautiful graphics of legendary Disney artist Mary Blair (who worked  on Disney's Latin American projects, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, and "It's a small world."), but the many comic scenes, too many to mention without spoiling it all, give it its own personality, making it a 'toon truly worth yodeling about.

That's all, folks! (Oops! Wrong studio!)

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