Sunday, July 7, 2013

Steve's Second Movie Review Blog: The Great Chocolate Factory Mystery In 4D

There are two advantages THE GREAT CHOCOLATE FACTORY MYSTERY IN 4D has over many of this summer's blockbusters:1) You can only see it at Hershey's Chocolate World, right across the street from Hersheypark, and 2)It's a completely immersive 4D extravaganza.

Sometime ago, I told you that unlike M&M's whose characters have distinctive voices and personalities, (For example, Billy West of "Ren & Stimpy," "Woody Woodpecker," and "Futurama,"  among others, plays the Red M&M and Vanessa Williams plays Ms. Brown.) Hershey characters have no distinctive voices. Although the Hershey characters do not currently appear in any TV advertising, Hershey (Bar,  the leader),  Reese (as in the Peanut Butter Cup, sidekick and comic relief) and Kiss (the cute-but-tough female) carry the movie, (The fourth dimension is provided by special effects such as bubbles and strobe lighting.)  which,truth to tell, is no DESPICABLE ME 2,  but, fortunately, is  no THE LONE RANGER either.

After a briefing in the lobby, guests are shown into a theatre where they are told that there's  something amiss  in the Hershey factory. The chocolate IS edible, but it doesn't really taste the same, and after Kiss, also played via live interactive animation by a hostess,  presses audience members into service, it's up to the audience to control the rest of the action up to the ending. There are cute supporting characters and a villain who reminds you of the old Warner Bros. title card, "Don't hiss the villain. (NOT MUCH)", but they are just for show. The stars are clearly the product characters, but don't think, even for one minute, that Your Humble Reviewer is trying to scare you away. It IS a great way to meet fellow Hershey fans  and get involved in a movie unlike other productions that want you to, as Larry David would say, curb your enthusiasm.

The best part is,  if you want to just see this movie AND the free "Great American Chocolate Tour" ride, it will only cost you eight bucks, AND you get free Hershey's chocolate on your way out. TICKET!

Hope you had a Happy 4th of July!

Bye Buckaroos!

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