Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday!

There's something I just HAVE to say before we kick off the Friday festivities:

Dobro pozhalovat nazad, Rossiya.  Welcome back,Russia. Good to have you back. (Grumble,grumble.)

I would like to start by singing the praises of somebody the rest of you have never heard of.


Gary K, Wong.

Gary K. WHO?!?!

Gary K. Wong, my broker at JPMorgan. Years before anybody knew General Electric was going to sell what would ultimately become NBC Universal to Comcast, he hooked me up with both stocks, and now that the twain have met,distribution of NBCU content from MEET THE PRESS to  baseball on Comcast SportsNet is NOT a problem. Xfinity (That's Comcast's cable service.) customers can just pick up their remotes and BOOM! Brian Williams tells 'em what went on in the world, they can catch up with SVU and
"Parks and Rec," they can laugh with SNL's answer to Will Rogers, Mr. Seth Meyers, they can even revel in Kathie Lee and Hoda's conspicious consumption, if they so choose.

I wish CBS viewers in Time Warner Cable service areas were this lucky.

Perhaps if CBS and TWC buried the hatchet and merged, if some predict they will, the Eye Network would recoup all the lost viewers for THE BIG BANG THEORY, HAWAII FIVE-O, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (especially now, since we FINALLY meet their mother!) and also gain access to TWC's local news channels, their sizable fleets of ENG (Electronic News Gathering) vans, and legions of anchors and commentators, some of whom are nationally known. Comcast's fortune has improved exponentially after adding NBC, NBC Sports Network, CNBC, MSNBC, Syfy, The Weather Channel, A&E,Biography,Lifetime, Universal Sports and Universal HD to a stable that already includes Comcast SportsNet, E! Entertainment Television, Fandango, and Xfinity and its subscribers coast-to-coast.I can imagine nothing less for CBS and Time Warner Cable. They have to kiss and make up first.

As we go to press, President Obama has just wrapped up a press conference during which he said WE WILL NOT BOYCOTT THE SOCHI OLYMPICS. You better not screw this up, Russia, savvy? I got my eye on you!

Emma Roberts ("Unfabulous," "Nancy Drew," and the new "We're The Millers (If Anyone Asks)")had to fork over mucho buckos, like everybody else, to get a cronut, which, if you haven't heard, is half croissant and half donut. (Jay Leno thinks the only people who'd want those babies are "midiots," who are half moron and half idiot.)

Another movie I either will or won't see is Disney's PLANES. On the one hand, I was a fan of the original CARS from its animation to its script to all that great music and I just plain love planes, (Sorry, just couldn't resist!) On the other hand, the scribes say it should have flown straight to video. Hmmmmmm.

Tonight, A-Rod steps up to the plate at the Big Ballpark in the Boogie-Down, a/k/a Yankee Stadium. Any bets this is his LAST. GAME. EVER?

Speaking of which, the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils skate into a snow-covered House That Ruth Built this season for the NHL Stadium Series. Most likely I'll be there wearing my gloves with the interlocking NY and my Ranger hat, gloves and scarf!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

See you again during the weekend!

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