Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Favorite Polish Jokes (Thanks for dumping this blog, Poland!)

What do you get when you integrate around Europe?
Zero, because there are no poles in Europe. (Actually, there are Poles in Europe, but they're removable.)

How do you get a Pole out of the bathtub?
Throw in a bar of soap.

What's delaying the Polish  space program?
Development of a working match.

How do you ruin a Polish party?
Flush the punch bowl.

How do you get a one-armed Pole out of a tree?
Wave to him.

Sorry, but we're all so danged politically correct these days, a little laugh (especially at the expense of a country that wouldn't know a good blog if it walked up to it and punched it in the nose) is always welcome, so, no nasty comments, 'Kay? (I'm not going all Howard Stern on you people, even though I've met the real Sterno, and he's not such a bad guy once you've met him!)

See you all on Hump Day!
P.S.: Thank you also, Russia and the Netherlands! I knew I could count on you for your continued support...NOT!

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