Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley, Get Out Of Showbiz. Now. While You Still Can.

If a certain young lady born Destiny Hope Cyrus and since renamed Miley Ray Cyrus is reading this blog, I have something to say.

Get out of showbiz.

The sooner the better.

You don't need to gyrate like a burlesque queen to prove  to the world you're not sweet little Hannah Montana anymore.

If the world is looking for proof that you're still a great singer without the wig, they need only go to YouTube and search for your powerhouse covers of your godmother Dolly Parton's "Jolene,"  one with an acoustic guitar and background singers,the other one performed on Hallmark Channel with Dolly herself.

Hang up the mike  PRONTO and find another line of work.

Be a doctor.

Be a lawyer.

Be a Las Vegas Playboy Club Bunny, if it satisfies your urge to act like a sexy non-Disney person.

Heck, I'll  even be happy if you cover everything up and become a nun, if it makes the Guy Upstairs happy.

If you still want to rock the mike, here's a  song I want you to sing:


Get out now,Miles.Peace and quiet for me,  and a better job for you.

Now that would REALLY be The Best Of Both Worlds.

Last week,  I got some complaints that I was on too much of a rant. If I was, I'm sorry, but this  week, I believe I have every reason. (I WILL seek out a publisher for my book.)

SPOILER ALERT: Maggie is  inspired by Miley. Actually she's  inspired by an alternate universe Miley who quit this whole dirty dancing thing and entered a more positive line of work like journalism. Not a bad idea, said he modestly.

Once again,  welcome aboard, Morocco, and I'll  see you and all my other countries on Friday.

Here's looking at you,kid!

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