Saturday, August 31, 2013


FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY,FINALLY,the State of Israel has joined the Steve's Blog family, and just in time for the High Holy Days! What a way to start a year! Here's hoping you guys will stick around for this and many New Years, Channukahs, Purims,   and Passovers to come. (And,of course, mad props to Nazareth where our boy J.C. of Biblical fame was born!)

I would just like to take this moment to say that I hope you guys are OK as the situation in one of your neighboring countries gets even more Syria-s. (Just wanted to lighten things up, if only a teensy bit.)

I know you guys are into baseball. This Rosh Hashonah, please say a prayer for the New York Yankees! They won last night, but they need to win ALL THEIR GAMES IN THE COMING MONTH if they want to make the Wild Card race.

Anybody out there ever been to New York City or Buffalo and remember listening to "The Rocky Allen Showgram?" It used to be a very popular radio show, and let's just say, Dave Letterman has his style and Conan O'Brien has his, and Rocky's style is closer to Conan's. Anywho, one night Rocky read a news item about a shopping center in Jerusalem, and he (and sidekick Blain Ensley) were surprised that Jerusalem had shopping centers! We've established you guys like baseball and you have shopping centers and I know you guys get CNN, SKY News, and MTV (You MIGHT want to dump MTV after that Miley twerking fiasco.). People who think you guys haven't changed since Biblical times have another think coming! (I STILL want to visit your country. I've seen footage and it looks beautiful!)

Once again, thanks for choosing this fine blog, Happy New Year, may you be inscribed for blessing in the Book of Life,AND...


P.S.:  U.S. readers, I haven't forgotten about you!  Hope you're enjoying your last Summer weekend! (DON'T give your hard-earned money to MDA this year! They bagged Jerry Lewis and scaled the telethon down to two hours. The bums!)

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