Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sorry, Armenia and Serbia...

...I know, you were enjoying SOB (Steve's Other Blog), but as of today, it is officially through, finished,kaputski,history,nothing but a beautiful memory, as is the Wednesday Weekend Warm-Up.

I have always agreed with the late, great Mae West when she said, "Too much of a good thing is WONDERFUL!," but one of this blog's biggest fans (Here's a hint: I send her Mother's Day cards.) reminded me that I was supposed to limit production of Ye Olde Blog to twice a week. (OBTW, readership of this blog is now limited to the good old USA, the country formerly known as the USSR, China, and Morocco.)  I thought it would be exciting to extend my brand, but (SNIFF) if you want one less blog, you get one less  blog. I WOULD like to try something like "Steve's Movie," "Steve's TV Show," or "Steve's Book."

Speaking of Steve's CURRENT Book, Chapter 1 is  in the can, and I just started work on Chapter 2. Stay tuned for further updates!

Any of you readers in the USA have any plans for Labor Day? I'm  going to watch NBC's TODAY Show  live and in person at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. I haven't actually seen more than ten seconds of Savannah Guthrie's performance, (Maybe it's just as well!) but she DOES have a checkered past as the Peacock Network's chief legal eagle, and, who knows? She may actually do something her predecessors (Barbara Walters, Jane Pauley, Deborah Norville,Katie Couric, or even the lady who was bumped to make room for her, Ann Curry) might do, and with equal gravitas. One never knows,   do one?

STEVE'S ONE LINER: Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have just released a single called "Twerkin'", in celebration of the nearly obscene dance  she  has  been doing lately.
The groan you hear is that of the dead horse they have just flogged.

I still love the New York Yankees, but some days I just wish they'd get it over with and let me enjoy football, hockey and basketball!

Well, as local sports commentator Howie Rose would say, "PUT IT IN THE BOOKS!" I'll see you again during the Labor Day Weekend, hope it's a great one, and I hope you follow Mr. H. Dumpty's example and
have a great Fall! (Just don't get all cracked up!)


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