Thursday, August 15, 2013


Congratulations on surviving another work week! (If you've been enduring the storms in the Northeast and Southwest of the USA, hope you, and all the animals, had a great ride on the Ark!)

I have friends who have a love/hate relation with THE BACHELOR and THE BACHELORETTE. Des was the gal we  all loved and cried  along with, but there were others in the past, like Ashley Prevet Rosenbaum. She was cute, but everything she said was a question? It was annoying?

Unfortunately, one of the lovely ladies looking for a long-term relationship, Gia Allemand, succumbed to her inner demons and took her own life in New Orleans this past week, with her NBA boyfriend powerless to save her. My thoughts and prayers go out to my Bachelorphile friends, as well as to Ali Fedetowsky, who has discovered life after THE BACHELOR as the host of NBC 4 New York's FIRST LOOK NYC.

Although there are theatregoers the world over (and amateur thespians at high schools and colleges the world over) who are familiar with Sarah Brown, the Mission Doll, Sky Masterson, Nicely Nicely Johnson, Adelaide, and Good Old Reliable Nathan, not many people are familiar with their creator, sportswriter Damon Runyon, whose  books and articles inspired Frank Loesser's "Musical Fable of Broadway," GUYS AND DOLLS. These days, Runyon's name is more synonymous with a Foundation For Cancer Research, and this weekend, a 5k Run/Walk at Yankee Stadium dedicated to raising needed funds for the Foundation.
Guess who will be walking this weekend? Awwww,somebody must have told ya!

That's right, True Believers, yours truly will be walking in the Runyon 5k this weekend, and watch this space for a complete report!

Am I increasingly becoming the only one in the United States of America who  thinks the CBS/Time Warner standoff can be easily resolved by a merger?  All  you guys have to do is hash out the legal details, decide which departments could be easily consolidated, (For example, TWC's  NY1 in the City and YNN in Albany and the CBS affiliates in the respective markets could anchor a "national local"  cable news network that would provide an alternative to FNC and MSNBC.) who goes and who stays,promotion, that kind of thing. How about it, CBS and TWC? Ready to get out of the ring and walk the aisle? My mom can't wait for BLUE BLOODS and neither can I for Gang Green, which is what we New York Jets fans call our team who play on CBS Sports on Sunday afternoons!

Opening this weekend: A  movie that I may have to refer to as "Kick Posterior 2"  or "Kick Bum 2." Maybe I might not see it  at  all, because  it seems to revel in all that profanity,and if you've been  reading since Day 1,you  know  how I feel about people who go crazy with all those cuss words. Maybe it might actually be as good as its predecessor, which showed  us that Chloe Grace Moretz. who  played the pint-size potty mouth Hit Girl, is not your average kid actress.

That's all  for now, but have a great weekend, and I'll see you one more time during it!

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