Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mother of Babe Ruth, Is This The End of The Yankees?

Good morning, afternoon, or evening,  ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the last Steve's Blog... the single digits! (HA! Made ya look!)

Hope you enjoyed that little taste of MAN OF STEEL starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Michael Shannon and Diane Lane, produced by Christopher ("The Dark Knight") Nolan and directed by
Zack ("300") Snyder, from Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and Syncopy,rated PG-13 and flying soon into a theatre near you! (And ONLY in theatres, accept no phony-baloney street vendor copies!) Oh, by the way, as we  members of Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York are quick to point out, this movie is based on characters created by those nice Jewish boys, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster!

Ooooooooooookay, let's shift our focus from Kal-El to a real life superman, namely one Alexander Rodriguez who wears number 13 for the New York Yankees.A-Rod, as he was known to his fans in his  prime,  was one of the Yanks' superstars, but he was recently linked, alongside other players such as fellow ex-Yank Melky Cabrera. to a  Miami anti-aging clinic  called Biogenesis of America.

Alex's accomplishments are many, on and off the diamond, but recent events, and prior events, could be the Kryptonite that sends Alexander The Great crashing to the ground, possibly driving the nail into the coffin  of
the once-mighty New York Yankees. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan of Yankee Pride and Tradition,but the players are becoming hollow shadows of their former invincible selves, and Derek Jeter, the face of the franchise, is  still recovering from his off-season injuries. As  a loyal Yankee fan, I would like to tell you now, folks, it does NOT do a fan good if John Sterling's crazy calls on WCBS 880 are overshadowed by Suzyn Waldman saying, "This call to the bullpen is brought to you by..." I don't mind when the visitor makes the pitching change, but I DO mind when the Yankees make the change.

Speaking of making change, the Yankee management needs to get out their checkbooks and make some trades. A twenty-eighth Yankee championship is an attainable reality only if the players and front office get their heads  out of the sand and focus on the future. They may not be the 1996 Yanks with powers and abilities beyond those of other teams, but if A-Rod ditches the 'roids and returns to the peak of his super powers,the Yanks will continue their battle for truth, justice, and the World Series trophy.

You've been reading the "Alexander-The-Average-Just-Doesn't-Have-That-Same-Oomph" portion of Steve's Blog, produced by Super-Steve Eisenpreis. (Sorry, I just HAD to say it!) Your comments and questions are welcome, and the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Google, who, by the way, also has a movie coming out. ("The Internship," starring Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson, but whether anybody will see THAT is still up in the air, in a figurative sense, not like you know who.) Portions of the preceding show  were last seen arguing over a road trip to Flushing. On behalf of the management and staff,, this is your announcer reminding you of the immortal words of Lex Luthor's father: "Get Out!" (Maybe the Yankee brass should say that to A-Rod!)

Up,up and away, Buckaroos!

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