Friday, June 28, 2013

O, Canada! (A very-thinly veiled attempt to get Canada to start reading this blog again!)

I've noticed that Canada has stopped reading this blog. I have one very important question for every Canadian man, woman, boy and girl (and the occasional wolverine, and I don't mean Hugh Jackman!)who has decided that (A) the two live trials (B) WORLD WAR Z and (C) watching a rock move are way more exciting than reading what they perceive to be the most boring blog since THE OFFICIAL WEB LOG OF THE IRVING FORBUSH MARCHING AND CHOWDER CLUB BAND, (a little in-joke to see if any long-time Marvel fans are reading) and that question is...WHY?

To get Canada back on the Steve's Blog bandwagon, and in honour of the 148th anniversary of the Dominion of Canada, I proudly present STEVE'S TRIBUTE TO CANADA!

How do I best describe Canada?  I could take the side of the parents of South Park and BLAME CANADA for Celine Dion, Drake,"Degrassi," and those cut-rate summer shows on ABC, but I've come to praise Canada, not to blame it.

Canada is a unique blend of American, British, and French influences, (Where else can you hear a hoe-down in French?)welcoming visitors and immigrants alike, and reveling in its aboriginal cultures.

While we Americans  and our Canadian neighbours may agree to disagree on which teams are the best, (I still think the Rangers can beat the Leafs,  Canucks,Jets, and Canadiens COMBINED!)we all agree the world would be a sadder place without William Shatner, Martin Short, Mike Myers,Andrea Martin, Alan Thicke,Wayne and Shuster,Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, or, as they're better known,Doug and Bob McKenzie,Margot Kidder, ("Got me? Who's got YOU?!?"), and especially the late,great Gilda Radner. What song could possibly replace  Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" for moral uplift or Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like A Woman" as a Saturday night get-up-and-dance anthem.

New York has the Empire State Building, London has Big Ben, and Toronto has the CN Tower. Although its namesake, the Canadian National Railroad, is out of business, the CN Tower remains the world's largest free-standing structure and as much a part of Canada as bacon,snow-capped mountains,and Harvey's pulled pork burgers.

All  kidding aside, Canada has been long regarded as one of the most democratic countries in the world with a human rights record that has been recognised by the UN and the home of many UNESCO World Heratige

While there have been many disagreements between Canada and the USA in the past, (Remember that little argument in 1812?) we remain allies and business partners, even though we may disagree about who's buying and whether they're buying Molsons or Buds as we watch the Yanks playing the Jays at Rogers Centre. O,Canada, we may not always understand you, but should something of 9-11 proportions arise, we WILL stand on guard for thee.

Happy Canada Day!

Bye, Buckaroos,eh?

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