Monday, June 17, 2013

Who's Reading This?

Hello, everybody, and welcome to a special Steve's Blog that dares to ask the burning question: WHO READS THIS STUFF?

I  checked my stats, and Steve's Blog is  currently read  in SIX COUNTRIES:

UNITED STATES                                                                                        51 pageviews
NETHERLANDS                                                                                            4
GERMANY                                                                                                     2

Canada, Indonesia, and  South Korea are tied with one pageview each. You can do better than that, guys!

As for browsers:

GOOGLE CHROME                                                                                 55%
MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER                                                    21%
MOZILLA FIREFOX                                                                                 16%
APPLE SAFARI                                                                                            3%

As for operating systems:

WINDOWS                                                                                                  75%
LINUX                                                                                                          21%
MAC                                                                                                                3%

Why do Safari and Mac have so few SB readers? Don't those guys forget that the founder's name was Steve?

Thank you,  America, dank je wel, Nederland, and danke Deutschland for your continued support and keep up the great work, and tell all your friends in Canada, South Korea and Indonesia, especially those on Apple, that Steve's Blog is on its way to greatness, and we're just getting started!

Bye, Buckaroos!

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