Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Steve's Postgame Report

Hi, I'm Steve,and I do a blog.
Just in case your memory needed a jog.
I've been doing this since the middle of May
With the hopes that it will brighten your day.
Every November, just before Yule,
My mom and I, neither the fool,
Send our friends a Holiday Newsletter,
In the hopes the New Year will start off better.
She relates the personal events of the year,
And I give the world news, and some Holiday Cheer.
And I'm now the boss of my own web log show,
I'd like to remind you, in case you didn't know,
2013 is nearly over, and a New Year awaits.
(We hope there's not a burly barbarian at the gates.)
So, borrowing a page from the wide world of sport,
I proudly present STEVE'S POSTGAME REPORT!
The East Coast is proving we're Stronger Than The Storm,
But Oklahoma and the Phillipines are nowhere near the norm.
As they rebuild schools and offices and try to replace each loss,
I hope you'll find it in your heart to help the Red Cross.
Bostonians beat the British at Bunker Hill,
And they are an indomitable bunch still.
They won't let two idiots cramp their style,
As  they show their resillience and get back their smile.
Even though it may sound like I'm backing the wrong jocks,
Congratulations to the World Champion Boston Red Sox!
What is wrong with the sports teams of New York?
Giants,Jets,Knicks and Rangers all made me feel like a dork.
But, all other baseball fans, get your hankies,
Derek Jeter has one more year to captain the Yankees!
If, of action heroes, you're a big fan,
You'll find MAN  OF STEEL to be super,man!
Two fave soaps are back, with more stories to give.
Yes, ALL  MY CHILDREN, they don't just have ONE LIFE TO LIVE!
(Actually,ABC ordered the producers to kick ONE LIFE out of the house,
'Cause they OWNED the characters. How mickey-mouse!)
THE INTERNSHIP is one big Google infomercial.
It makes THE GONG SHOW MOVIE seem controversial!
Hunger Games fans, you have a new flick to savor.
Enjoy CATCHING FIRE, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
When  it comes to Fall TV, LUCKY 7 was the worst.
Happy 50th, DOCTOR WHO! You'll always be on first!
I thought Joe Lhota was going to be Mayor,
But Bill deBlasio is now going to be there,
And I thought about skipping town and picking Toronto,
But they have their OWN  crazy Mayor, so I guess THAT'S a no.
(I predicted their CFL team would win the Grey Cup,
But Saskatchewan is now hoisting that bad boy up.)
On a somber note, it was almost one year,
That a gunman filled a school full of kids with fear
And the rest of the nation  shivered and shook.
We'll never forget you. God bless the kids of Sandy Hook.
Well, that's about it, Smurfs and Smurfettes,
Tell this blogger if there's anything that he forgets.
I'm at with more takes on the news.
Happy Holidays,Happy New Year, AND...


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