Saturday, June 15, 2013

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! (Or, for our British readers, We're All Going On A Summer Holiday!)

Welcome to the first Steve's Blog of the New-Half-Year and Happy Father's Day to all Dads!

No, I'm not going on vacation JUST YET. I will be vacating the premises on July 1st, a Monday in case you're interested, and heading for Pennsylvania's beautiful Dutch Country, Harrisburg and Hershey to be exact, and returning the following Saturday, or July 6th, to be exact.

A  few clarifications are in order: The name "Dutch" has nothing to do with Holland. When the members of the Amish sect settled in Pennsylvania and asked for their nationality, they said, "Deutsch," or German, which was eventually misinterpeted as "Dutch," and the name stuck,and as for why I'm leaving the Big Apple when they're celebrating the 4th of July with a huge fireworks spectacular, first of all, I'LL BE BACK (to quote the Governator) and second of all,I like to celebrate some of the different 4th of Julys in the many cities and towns that make up this great country. During that time, there will be no Steve's Blog, but a randomly-selected group of close,warm personal friends will receiving postcards and emails,and this Blog will return in all its glory when I come back on the 6th.

I know that Harrisburg is neither as cosmopolitan as Philadelphia or as Blue Collar as Pittsburgh, but, in addition to nearby Hershey (and its park, which has been regarded as equal or superior, depending on who you ask) to Walt Disney World, it still has a lot to recommend it, from a State Museum to Second Street, which boasts a veritable plethora of restaurants AND a comedy club. While I have nothing against Small Town USA, I often like to visit nearby cities to get a balanced travel experience.(And they DO have the Washington Nationals-affiliated Harrisburg Senators.) Thoughts?

Well, that's it for the "OK-Let's-Get-June-Over-With-And-Get-Into-July" portion of Steve's Blog, but I've got some time before that, and I'll check in before I get out of here.

Comments and questions are welcome, the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Google who has enough to worry about, portions of the preceding show were last seen looking for their sunscreen. On behalf
of the management and staff, this is your announcer reminding you,stay cool, drive carefully, and...

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